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Gel art nails offers exclusive and comprehensive step-by-step, high quality, professional instructional videos. It has been created to help nail professionals learn new techniques and enhance their professional rank using high quality, innovative products.

It will help techs and their clients to choose their favorite designs, try them out, and add your own ideas and individuality.

All of the videos are produced by award winning educator Olga Palylyk. This unique collection of nail art is made entirely out of UV cured gel products. No paint, stencils or acrylic products are used. When necessary, dry additives such as sparkles or glitter are added to the gel.

This site is designed to as a place to learn all types of gel nail art (that have only been available to a few students at a time in a classroom) in the convenience of your home or salon. It’s also a great way for those unable to attend classes in person to learn these techniques.

It is strongly suggested that you take a Beginner and/or Advanced Amore International gel art class OR other related gel nail/nail art training before attempting to do these designs.

Amore Ultima Gel Nail System products are used in these videos. They have unique qualities that achieve the results seen in the videos. Using other products and materials may not produce the same results.

We will be posting new designs regularly and we will help you find the same equipment and products used to create what you see in the videos. Our goal is to offer a wide variety of designs done in different techniques so that you can practice and then be able to create your own designs.


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